H-104 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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Product Information:

Time for a replacement? There's no substitute for genuine Everpure replacement cartridges.

Replacing Your Filter Cartridges
Discriminating customers like you choose Everpure systems for the uncompromising filtration performance they deliver. To ensure your system continues to provide the highest quality water for your family throughout the year, we recommend you replace your cartridges at least once a year, when flow is diminished or when the system's rated capacity is reached. Be sure to select the replacement cartridge that matches your particular filtration needs.

Everpure Products

Commercial Grade Filtration for Pure Home Luxury

For over 70 years, we've set the standard for water filtration in commercial kitchens. Now, through our variety of advanced filtration systems and luxury home products, our experience transforms how you experience one of life's essential elements at home.

Get the exceptional filtration you want in the kitchen, bath or at the wet bar. Let your creative juices flow with our selection of designer faucets. Rediscover why instant gratification is the ultimate measure of luxury with our water chillers and instant hot water dispensers. Even get Everpure quality to go... with filtration solutions for your RV, motor home or boat.

See why the number one choice for commercial establishments is also the smart choice for home filtration.

When it comes to your family, you don't believe in making compromises. That's why Everpure made the advanced performance of our commercial grade filtration available for home use. Our under-counter water filtration systems represent the ultimate in home water care. Each cartridge is made with seamless, polymer-lined aluminum - not plastic, like other filtration systems. On the inside, our Micro-Pure�?�® precoat filtration technology delivers six times more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction. In fact, even our most affordable filtration system helps safeguard you and your family against such harmful contaminants as lead, cysts and asbestos. Yet, the sanitary quick-change cartridge design makes cartridge replacement as easy as changing a light bulb.

  • The Everpure H-104 Quick Change Replacement Cartridge fits Everpure H-104 Drinking Water System
  • The Everpure H-104, EV9612-11, Reduces up to 99% of lead. Exclusive precoat design reduces up to 99.99% of particles Ã??Ã?½ micron and larger in size, including Cyptosporidium. Reduces dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold and algae
  • Taste the difference. Everything filtred by a Everpure h 104 cartridge tastes better. Scale inhibitor blended into the Micro-PureÃ??Ã?® material reduces mineral build-up in water using appliances
  • Replacing the H-104 Quick Change cartridge is sanitary and as easy as changing a light bulb
  • A Ã??Ã?½-gallon per minute flow rate
  • A 1000-gallon capacity